Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Republican Compromise

The Republican Party is testing their latest compromise on Gun Control at the state level in North Carolina. House member Oli A. Garc has introduced a bill calling for the issuance of large caliber semi-automatic firearms to every registered Republican voter and their children. Gun manufacturers, members of the gun manufacturers lobby and the leadership of the National Rifle Association believe that Republicans are best suited to use their 2nd Amendment rights to protect everyone from the Mass Murderers that they have been equipping with military assault rifles and large capacity magazines (designed to allow Mass Murderers to kill as many Americans as possible without reloading).

According to Representative Oli A. Garc, an additional benefit of this legislation will be a reduction of unemployment as those killed by so many armed Republicans will reduce the numbers of those reaching majority and entering the job market. Fewer unemployment claims will be filed as those who have lost production jobs will be killed and stop filing for weekly benefits.

As the Republican Party continues to support the export of American jobs to countries that offer corporations slave labor, this issue of jobs and the sky rocketing costs of unemployment compensation require a solution other than Labor Rate Based Import Tariffs that would increase American Jobs at the expense of corporate profits. This might be that solution.

Democrats, typically, refuse to join Republicans and call for Comprehensive Gun Control. They insist on Universal Background Checks, a ban on military style assault rifles and large capacity magazines. Republican elected officials seem to be the only people who understand how important it is that Mass Murderers continue to be allowed to find the assault rifles and large capacity magazines that they need to kill large numbers of Americans. America the Exceptional must have the most successful Mass Murderers. Republicans who pander to their bases and accept large contributions from the Gun Lobby know this, as do too few Democratic candidates with conservative constituents.

Republicans will continue to try and make American Mass Murderers successful and keep the Gun Lobby happy. 

Brian Holian

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