Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Republican Plan 2010 to 1787

Republican/Tea Party(s)/Religious Right/Corporate Plan for America

Social Agenda
1. The Constitution protects the rights of the rich to enjoy exemption from taxation. According to the Constitution the Government is allowed to raise taxes by collecting tariffs. We'll continue to waive import tariffs since they are Protectionist (Communist) and interfere with Free Trade between nations that provide slave labor to corporations that are exporting the jobs that created a Middle Class.
2. The Constitution protects our right to discriminate against Gays and Lesbians by protecting the sanctity of marriage (which, according to the Constitution, is a union between a Christian Man and a woman who has been purchased from her Father or Brother).
3. The Constitution protects our right to stop Gays and Lesbians from dying in Service to Our country in the Armed Forces. The Constitution makes clear that Gays and Lesbians should only be killed by stoning, being dragged behind trucks (preferably with 8 cylinder engines), or being forced to end their own sinful lives after a Christian period of harassment (in order to protect Our children from gayness).
4. The Constitution does not have Social Agenda in it. Social Programs, according to Glenn Beck, are Communist Programs, and the United States is a Capitalist Country, so, there should be no social programs. And the Founders were wrong when they created the post roads. Roads, libraries, police and fire protection and schools should only be available to those who can pay for them, in cash, whenever they need to use them. The poor must work or die. Or beg at the back door of the nearest church and be stacked at the service entrance of hospitals in case a doctor has time to treat them in a charitable moment. The poor also have the right to pray.
5. The Constitution makes it clear that the Government has no business being involved in our Health Care, so, we must end Obamacare and immediately place a paid volunteer member of the Heritage Foundation in every doctor's office to ensure that no doctor can discuss abortion with a patient. There is no Constitutionally guaranteed right to an abortion, and, therefore, it is the right of every member of the Right to monitor the doctor patient relationship to ensure that no one who disagrees can have a medical procedure that the Right doesn't support.

Political Agenda:
1. End taxation of the rich. The rich create jobs. Once the rich are free from the yoke of taxation everything will take care of itself.
2. Repeal the amendments to the Constitution and start over. When the Constitution was originally ratified by the States only 10% to 16% of the population could vote. We don't remember what it was like in this great nation when only Property Owning WASP Men could vote. This will make it easier for the rich to create jobs.
3. Make Obama a 1 term President by requiring every American to watch FOX News when they aren't working or looking for a job. Or begging for food. Or dying because they have no Health Care.

(Note: I would mention that this is a satirical post, but, since this is exactly what the Right is promoting, it isn't funny.To the few fiscally conservative Republicans who still exist, as Vice President Biden pointed out, this is not your Grandfather's Republican Party)


  1. Just not worth commenting on. The 2% do pay most of the taxes. And something to think about. In todays world most of the rich are global citizens and move about the world at will. So if the taxes get to high they might just move to somewhere in the world where there are lower taxes and take there money with them.

  2. Yet, you comment. Let's lower their taxes so they can live here for free, is your solution?

    Always nice chatting with a Republican :)

  3. I don't seem to recall the rich abandoning the US in droves (as you indicate they should have) when Reagan had 75% or greater taxes...

    Assumption = FAIL