Sunday, December 20, 2009

Newest United States Political Party Formed


A member of the United States Congress representing the Health Insurance Lobby rather than any political party.

In the 2009 Health Care Reform debate, Senator Joe Lieberman, (former Independent CT), caucusing with the Democrats threatened to withhold cloture unless the Democrats withdrew a Public Option from the proposed legislation. As the Senator representing Insurance Companies based in Hartford CT, Senator Lieberman ignored his constituents and abandoned the cause of real Health Care Reform by becoming an Insuracrat.

Breaking News:
Other members of the Insuracrat Party are Senators Ben Nelson (NE), Blanche Lincoln (AR), Mary Landrieu (LA), Evan Bayh (IN), Kent Conrad (ND).

All of the Senators named, including Senator Joe Lieberman, have worked tirelessly with Republicans to strip Health Care Reform of a Public Option and provide Insurance Companies with their three goals:

1. A Federal Mandate requiring all Americans to purchase private Health Care Insurance.

2. Freedom to move their businesses to states with no private Health Care Insurance regulations and operate across state lines.

3. Tort Reform. Limiting malpractice lawsuits to minimum payouts for the most heinous abuses in order to save Health Care Insurance Companies hundreds of millions of dollars annually.

All six Insuracrats, after accomplishing most of the goals of Senate Republicans and the Insurance Lobby, and blackmailing Democratic Leadership by demanding huge payouts or credits for their states or pet programs have agreed to vote with Senate Democrats to pass Health Care Reform and move it along to Conference with the House. It is hoped that during Conference all remaining reforms can be stripped from the bill so that at least 20 Republicans in the Senate and an equal percentage of Republicans in the House can vote in favor of bi-partisan Health Care Reform.

Representative Bart Stupak (D MI) is rumored to be planning to lead House opposition to passage of Health Care Reform legislation unless Roe v. Wade and the 19th Amendment are immediately overturned, stripping women of the right to an abortion as well as the right to vote, own property and refuse to smile at Representative Stupak.

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